Smirnoff Vodka in natural bodied bottle. Photo by Zach Dalzell.

Best place to buy alcohol

Take a Border’s bookstore, remove all of the books, replace them with bottles of alcohol and that’s how you make a Binny’s Beverage Depot! With more than 1,800 beers, 2,000 spirits and an endless amount of wine to choose from, Binny’s Beverage Depot can quench the thirsts of alcohol snobs and slobs alike, which is why it this year’s Best Place in CU to Buy Alcohol.

They sell everything from a $5 beer to a $500 Bordeaux. Honestly, if you’re looking for it, then they have it, and if for some reason they don’t have it, then they can order it. It’s amazing! Binny’s also has a wide selection of cigars and general party supplies. You can find beer pong balls, pocket shots and, of course, solo cups, plus much more.

Binny’s is a chain retailer, but is based in Skokie, Ill., and has more than 27 stores in the Chicagoland area. The Champaign store, which opened this past year, was the first Binny’s to open downstate. Just recently, a Binny’s opened in Bloomington, Ill., as well. Because it is a chain that generates more than $250 million in sales, the prices at Binny’s are incredibly low and hard to beat; you can buy a bottle of wine for a little more than $4 which is probably, if not definitely, the cheapest in town. Binny’s is a family owned company that was founded by Harold Binstein in 1948. When Mr. Binstein passed away in 1995, his son, Michael Binstein, a former investigative reporter in Washington, D.C. and a Washington Post columnist, took over and has helmed the business for the past 16 years.

You can check out Binny’s in person at 802 W. Town Center Blvd (where the Borders used to be!) or you can shop online at where you’ll find an even wider selection of alcohol, pre-made gift baskets, a Binny’s blog and more!

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