Gringo Star - Count Yer Lucky Stars

Artist: Gringo Star
Count Yer Lucky Stars (Gigantic)
Release Date:
October 25, 2011
Foreign Born, Thomas Function, Earl Greyhound

If you find yourself drowning in the layered, computerized, pre-recorded music our generation has been wading in so extensively these days, come on up for air with Gringo Star’s “Count Yer Lucky Stars.” The album will bring you back to the simple days of smoky basement parties and blasting music in the car with your best friends. A follow up to debut All Y’all, Gringo Star stays true to form with Count Yer Lucky Stars. There’s nothing surprising or exciting about the album, except maybe the happy fact that they aren’t trying to be surprising or exciting; they’re just good ol’ fashioned talented.

“Shadow” opens the album with a delightful mix of bubblegum and cigarettes. The track bounces as a pop song while it keeps its edge with a rock n’ roll vibe. The chorus is sweet and simple and you’ll be singing along come its second time around. The opening track’s mix of pop and rock rings through the entire album. And just when I thought the party was getting predictable, “Light in the Sky” showed up. The longing twang of the guitar is a reminder of Gringo Star’s Southern roots. It adds a touch of romance and tenderness the other tracks seem to lack. “Light in the Sky” mocks those listeners expecting the nauseatingly hipster, sycophantic lyrics we’ve grown so accustomed to with perfectly simple lyrics like ,“My heart sings lalalalala.” Let’s not forget about the title track “Count Yer Lucky Stars.” The track is a Gringo Starry marriage between British and Southern rock. The jangling tambourine reopens the doors to the 1960’s and you’ll likely find yourself dancing the watusi (ask your grandma).

Gringo Star is composed of brothers Nicholas and Peter Fergiuele, Pete DeLorenzo and Chris Kaufmann. All four write and sing, and take turns on the different instruments and being the front man. While it seems this would give them a variety of sounds, I found that variety is exactly what I was looking for throughout the record. I wanted to say, “Wow, I love this track,” but the tracks were for the most part (aside from “Light in the Sky”) undistinguishable from one another. But let “Count Yer Lucky Stars” be what it is: a simple, good time. Gringo Star didn’t jump off a cliff to create their newest album and the best part is, they’re not apologizing for it.

After listening through the entire album once, I was shocked when it was over after just 33 minutes. Turns out you can still make a good track that’s under three minutes- who woulda thunk it? It occurred to me that the length of the album brings light to the very essence of Gringo Star: they leave the party while everyone is still having fun.

Gringo Star – “Shadow”

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