English Building: This campus building had another life as the Woman’s Building at the beginning of the 20th century. The legend is that a girl committed suicide and haunts the third floor TA office, where her room was. Others say that the girl drowned in what was a swimming pool in the basement (now the atrium) or that she was murdered in her room.
Psychology Building: Rumor has it that a person committed suicide in the back stairwell, though it was never officially labeled a suicide, and now hangs around the building in their post-death state. Some also say that someone attempted suicide in the building and came back to haunt it after they died several years later.
YMCA Building: Supposedly, a Native American in one of the building’s murals walks the halls after all the lights are turned off.
Lincoln Hall: A female ghost apparently haunts the top floor of this decrepit building, occasionally peering out the windows onto Wright Street.
All of these haunting stories have come from a variety of sources. They have developed from word-of-mouth and are perhaps only reflections of the spooky feeling the old campus buildings emit. If you believe these or not, they still make for an excellent ghost hunt around campus.

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