I did this to my roommate once. I had an old Halloween mask lying around my apartment. When my roommate went into the bathroom to wash her face, I put on the mask. As she was washing her face with her eyes closed, I silently snuck into the bathroom. I stood right behind her, not saying a word, and waited for her to look up into the mirror and see me. She was so scared; I think she jumped nearly a foot off the ground.
— Michell Eloy
Hide in anything you can manage to fit in that your friend will open: a closet; the shower; a trashcan; or if you are small enough and brave enough, hide in their hockey equipment bag. When they start to open it, jump out and scream. Maybe it’s a bit overused, but it’s a classic. Just make sure you don’t get stuck wherever you are, or the joke will be on you.
— Erica Yunger
Pick a close friend to scare; make sure you know their roommate. Print pictures of them from Facebook — as many as are available. Take a black marker and cross out your friend’s eyes on every picture. To begin your week-long scheme, hide the pictures everywhere they might go, including the cafeteria. Pretty soon your friend will become paranoid. On the very last day of your scheme, blow up a picture of your friend’s face. Tape the photo in your friend’s room, above their desk. Around the photo, make a sign reading “Look behind you” in red lettering. Wait.
— Danielle Perlin
Scare a friend when they are at one of their most vulnerable states: while they’re sleeping. Press the test button on your smoke alarm while your victim is asleep. Start shaking them awake and yell in a false, but believable, state of panic. “Dude! The building’s on fire!” is all you need to keep repeating (adding a couple of fear-induced cuss words to your liking). Start pulling your disoriented friend out of bed and push the sucker outside. Bonus points if your buddy ends up out front in nothing but their underwear and a deep sense of shame.
— Regina Hernandez
Wait until your friend has finished an important paper and lure them away from their computer. While they’re gone, transfer the paper from their hard drive to your flash drive. Make sure you get a good seat, then sit back and watch them freak out. Caution: double check that you actually save the file; otherwise it is you who should be afraid.
— Stephanie Murphy

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