First Sniff

If it was ever in doubt that Laurel Lunt Prussing isn’t the coolest mayor that ever graced the city hall in Urbana, let me be the first to state that the answer is: most definitely. To wit: When asked who would win the Super Bowl by The News-Gazette on Sunday she replied: “Pittsburgh.” Okay – good prediction. ˇBut her comment is what did it.

“I don’t think anyone can stop The Bus (Jerome Bettis). Except maybe Savoy.”

Knit away, but don’t forget to watch the show …

The lady and I got to take in a hell of a show on Friday Night at the Canopy Club with good friends and good drinks. We sat at a table that gave us a clear view of the stage and of a (rarely) seated crowd. We were there to see Andrew Bird perform for a sold-out audience, but right as he was about the get on stage, my girlfriend noticed something a wee bit peculiar. “Check it out,” she said, pointing into the crowd. “This girl right here is knitting.” We all kind of sat up on our knees to take a gander and sure enough, there was a girl sitting in the back row, knitting a scarf without a care in the world. It was kind of a moment for me. I watched her for a bit and wondered about a few things. Was she even there for the show? Is this par for the course for this girl? Or is it some sort of sociological experiment to see if a certain columnist will notice her and write a paragraph about it?

In any event, it made me consider something. We all have things in our life that do it for us. For one person,something simple and clichÇ might do it for them, like watching a sunset or eating an ice cream cone. Others find peace in doing things that are risky, like skydiving or motor cross racing. Still others find joy in their jobs by being a good employee and doing the things that they have been hired to do. For me, I’m easy. I like seeing my friends succeed and

I like helping them get there. I also like to spend 15 hours watching LOST with my girlfriend

and throwing my shoe at the screen when

Charlie kills the person they need pertinent information from.

Everyone. So unique. So different than each other. I think I am starting to understand the Wiccan philosophy of “Do what you will but harm none.” I like that. Like a Raymond Carver story – it works.

As the show went on, I kind of forgot about it, naturally, because the show was so amazing that I couldn’t really do much except watch the genius taking place on stage. But evidently, my girlfriend watched her on and off throughout the night. When the show was through and the lights came up, the girl got out of her chair and wrapped a brand new green scarf around her neck. Don’t you just wish that everything was that simple?

Come on Bush – Put your money where your mouth is …

In the wake of the death of Coretta Scott King, one had to assume that the leaders of our nation would go to great lengths to make a publicity appearance; Dubya’s presence at her funeral was a hardly a surprise. But it is interesting to note, as Jesse Jackson did, that his attendance is coming on the heels of the introduction of his new budget – which includes a $600 billion allotment for defense spending – that will invariably destroy many social services that are already under funded and abused by our political systems.

Come on, George. Do you really think that Martin Luther King Jr. or his loyal and intelligent wife would ever, in a million years, get behind a bullshit budget like this? Do you really honestly believe that these are the types of programs that a person like Coretta Scott King would stand up for?

Of course not. The reason is simple: they had integrity and are interested in finding ways to help people that didn’t involve guns or tanks. They did it by listening and working together. Someone needs to give Bush and his cronies a refresher course. It should be us.

Band of the Week

So, I have decided to incorporate this into my column. The fine buzz music staff already packs a good punch for the scene, but I thought that, given my other job, I’d chime in as well. Up this week: The Dolphin. Avant-garde madness with a little LCD Soundsystem consistency made their debut performance at The Iron Post a real treat for the packed crowd that night. They play next on February 17th at The Red Herring. ˇDon’t miss it.

Final Whiff

Here’s a thought: Aren’t we all healing from something all the time? I think so, too. Best policy? Help those who are committed to getting better by encouraging them. It can only do us well.

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