To the Editor:

This is in regard to your columnist Seth Fein. I am remiss for not having expressed my concerns much earlier. I am a master’s degree holder from the U of I School of journalism and as such I am a proponent of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However, some common sense editing and perhaps shepherding of Mr. Fein might result in a more thoughtful and sensible use of his journalism skills.

His latest two installments have been open letters to Urbana Mayor Tod Satterthwaite. This week Fein opened with “What up Dawg?” and is replete with ghettospeak all the way to the end of the column. This is no way to address a mayor. This use of ghettospeak tarnishes anything of merit in the content of his second open letter and all but ensures the mayor will not respond to Fein’s columns.

Fein has set himself progressively lower on the food chain with every installment Buzz has printed.

Some highlights include a column mostly about baseball that highlighted his coaching of a team at Judah Christian School and in the same breath he uses the “F” word.

Aug. 12, Fein wrote an article bragging about having worked at an unnamed restaurant and urinating on the grill to steam the cheese on a cheeseburger for a law enforcement officer that he had some sort of vendetta with. This certainly was a low water mark and should have resulted in some sort of reprimand. Sadly, it did not. Oh lest I forget he made sure to say it was his Jewish p*ss that he used to steam the burger with.

I have several Jewish friends, and I am sure they would not appreciate an association with a self-announced Jew of Fein’s ilk.

In last week’s article he took pot shots at the Courier Cafe. Amazing to have to suffer a culinary critique from someone that decided it was ok to foul a public official’s food-which is a crime-and then to brag about it in print.

And to top it off, Fein brags about his larceny to east Urbana merchants while a youth.

Just what is Fein going to bring to the next issue of Buzz? I shudder to think. Spare us all!

– Erik Henriksen

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