Lianne Zhang

Community Editor


1. Samoas cookies: Even though they are $3.50 a box for 12 cookies, and I hate sweets, but for some reason, Samoas cookies are in a category all their own. Sweet, flaky, coconut-encrusted shortbread cookies, drizzled with rich chocolate. YUM.

2. FED-EX delivery people: There is just something about opening the door and seeing a FED-EX delivery person holding a plethora of packages addressed to you. It makes me feel all warm and happy inside.

3. Wine Night at Clybourne’s: 6 dollar bottles of sparkling wine and 8 dollar bottles of cheap champagne. Enough said.

Todd Swiss

Calendar Editor


1. South Dakota: Worst. State. Ever. Whether or not their decision to ban all abortions was some sort of conservative posturing, it was still a repulsive move. Liberals often get chided for straying from the mainstream, but those on the right are just as guilty.

2. Cold Stone Creamery: Yep, it is coming to Green Street. Now we just need a Sam Goody record store and the commercialization of Campustown will be complete. Get ready to pay 30 dollars for mediocre ice cream.

3. Late rental fees: The bane of my existence. No matter how hard I try, there is no way that I will ever return all of my rentals on time. At least I am throwing my money away at a respectable establishment and not a chain like Blockbuster.

Nikita Sorokin



1. Ponies: Too many legs. Too long of faces. Not edible.

2. Tails: Unnecessary and dangerous.

3. Ponytails: As unattractive and tasteless as the name implies.

Claire Napier

Art Director


1. Pyramid Apricot: The only apricot flavored beer I know of. Pyramid Apricot is also darker and richer than most fruit flavored beers. So you can enjoy it without feeling like a wimp.

2. America’s Dairyland: Wisconsin is just like Illinois but with more hills, water, trees, cheese, beer, fireworks and wine. What’s not to love?

3. Downtown Champaign: I spent Monday shopping downtown with my mom and sister and was reminded of the number of amazing and original stores that are too often overlooked by students. Students, please, please do some shopping in the old downtown Champaign on Neil Street before you graduate. You may never see as great of a used book collection as the Jane Addam’s bookshop again, or as spectacular of a vintage clothing selection as Carrie’s and Dandelion.

Sara Sandock

Copy Chief


1. Rice Sides by Lipton: Just add water and you have a meal that is deliciouso! Definitely helps when all you have is a micro.

2. Slap bracelets: A friend of mine slapped one on my wrist at a party a few weeks ago and it brought back oodles of grade school memories. Boy did the teachers love those things.

3. Mini fans: They’re the greatest. Because the weather has been so unpredictable, and my building has no ventilation, my little fan is my new favorite appliance.

Erin Scottberg

Editor in Chief


1. The intersection of Matthews and Nevada: There absolutely needs to be a stop sign here. I walk by this intersection all the time and there’s rarely a day I don’t see a car skid to a stop for a student or a student jump out of a bike’s way – there’s always a near-accident.

2. Squrriels that have more common sense than students: Ever notice how squrriels dart back to the curb when they notice a car coming at them? If only students could follow their example. Maybe UIUC should start testing for street smarts and not only ACT scores when admitting new students.

3. Traffic lights on North Prospect: You’d think someone would have timed these damn lights better. There’s nothing like taking 20 minutes to move through an intersection – in the middle of the afternoon.

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