What is your favorite medium to work with?

My favorite medium to work with depends on the project I am working on. When making a painting I prefer to work with oils and for more smaller drawing type projects I like to work with color pencils. I feel the most confident working with oils and color pencils, I am able to control and manipulate them much easier then any other material I have worked with.

How do you know when a project you’ve completed has been a success?

I know when a project I have completed is a success when I have learned something from it. If a project I am working on allows me to improve and grow as an artist then I know it is a success.

Where do you usually look to draw inspiration?

Much of my inspiration comes from nature. My paintings are a response and reflection on natural beauty inspired by forms found in nature. I abstract organic objects and use them as my subject matter. I see this approach as a challenge to look beyond the organic object as a whole and instead examine it intimately, isolating some parts for study and further exploring others. I recognize the simple beauty found in these objects by concentrating on the formal art elements it natural possesses.

Given the proper resources, what would your dream project look like?

I would have to say if I were given the proper resources, my dream project would look like me raising a family with the man of my dreams and living comfortably off of my craft. I would love it if I could just wake up every morning in my countryside home, walk into my studio and have the freedom to create whatever it is I am inspired by at that moment.

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