Finals are drawing near and a perfect storm of academics are crashing down on us. If you need a little stimulation outside of a textbook, you’ve come to the right place. This week in the Digital Domain is a personal favorite of mine. I’ve been visiting Damn Interesting ( on and off since I stumbled upon it last year.
Damn Interesting is a site which updates with articles weekly since its birth in September of 2005. The premise of this website is to consistently provide a wealth of well researched, quality, interesting material. The articles can be drastically different week to week, from the ridiculousness of the 1814 Beer Flood in London, to the history of infamous practitioners of telekinesis, to the Egyptian’s method of birth control.
As to be expected from a blog-style site like this, there is an opportunity to register and post comments on each article, and the site usually attracts an intelligent and polite audience for comments. Each article features a miniature electronic bibliography at its conclusion, with links to further information and suggested reading on the topic. The site features a toolbar across the top with search options for instant recall of a favorite article, as well as the option to read a random one.
Articles on the main page are simply grouped by newest-to-oldest, but the option also exists to read stories that fall under a dozen different categories, from “history” and “the world of tomorrow” to “perplexing” and “thinking on the edge,” this website offers a wealth of facts that live up to its name.

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