It is baffling how many people on this campus have never been to Canopy Club. It has been open for 10 years, but aside from CU natives and Ph.D. students, the average student on campus has only known about Canopy for around three years. Still should be plenty of time to give the place a try, right? Hell, even a freshman in the Six-Pack probably knows that Lucky Boys (gag) played Canopy Club just this past month, but she probably didn’t go, because all of her friends were going to the campus bars. Well, there are plenty of attributes that separate the Canopy Club from the rest — a great beer selection (they just added Magic Hat, yum!), a versatile building and an 18 and older door policy.
Composed of the smaller Void Room, the larger Canopy theater and two bars, the establishment can hold a wide variety of bands, from local to nationally touring. In addition, the club has two bookers, Mike Armintrout and Seth Fein, who concentrate on two different areas of the music spectrum. What fraction of the campus has actually been to this diverse venue? Chances are, one might receive a lot more no’s than yes’s when asking around town. The venue was established in 1998, and it has seen a ton of amazing live acts come through, like The Flaming Lips, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Andrew Bird and many more.
Even if you have been a couple of times, Thursday, May 8, won’t be too late to catch up on the all the live music you’ve been missing when Canopy Club officially celebrates its anniversary with a bonanza of local music. This lineup covers the entire continuum of local music, from veterans to the local scene like Hathaways and Lucky Mulholland, to acts recently coming forth onto the scene such as Zmick and World’s First Flying Machine. There are a multitude of genres on display next Thursday beyond indie, folk and prog-jam that shouldn’t be missed.
Doors open at 6 p.m. and more than 14 bands are set to take the stage for an immense show. It will be left up to the fans to enjoy all these great bands at this celebration of Canopy Club’s 10th Anniversary.

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