Truckstop Honeymoon is a husband and wife bluegrass band whose oddball lyrics and offbeat personalities make instant fans of the few people who hear them play. After being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, director Nathan King Miller follows the band on their way back to visit what used to be home. Along for the ride are the kids, Sadie and Vega, whose big personalities light up every frame of this rickety documentary. What makes Won’t Let the Angels Take You Away such a gem? Besides the fun and eccentric music that lends its rhythm to the film, the dynamic of this non-cookie cutter family is warm, fuzzy, and refreshing. Funny, moving, and full of personality, Won’t Let the Angels Take You Away is a little movie that has a lot to say, and is a must for lovers of banjos, bluegrass, and direct cinema. The DVD isn’t in wide release, but you can buy it at

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