Today is the big day; the day to vote for the next prez! I know that every time you open the newspaper or turn on the tv, images of John McCain and Barack Obama are inescapable. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about it, but it is kind of a big deal. Insert sarcasm.
I woke up today feeling more patriotic than usual, okay, more patriotic then I’ve ever felt. Before heading to class, I grabbed my voting stub that came in the mail when I changed my address, because it specifically says on it, “Bring this to your polling place.” After class, I headed to the Union (my new polling location). I excitedly walked in and headed to the designated voting room. I was surprised by how empty it was, but psyched that I wouldn’t have to wait in a long line. Anyway, I filled out a little form and then some guy came around asking to see proof of residence so, naturally, I pulled out the voting stub from the County Clerk’s office that I had received in the mail a few weeks prior. “Oh, we don’t accept anything from the County Clerk’s office,” said stout man with bad facial hair. He proceeded to tell me that if I came back with some sort of bill that had my address on it then I would be good to go.
So, I walked back to my apartment, grabbed some lunch and my Ameren bill, and headed back to the Union. I was greeted by a longer line this time. I flashed my Ameren bill to a new man before being allowed in the polling room only be turned down again.
“You need 2 pieces of mail with your address,” said the dad-from-Step-By-Step look alike. I explained that this was my SECOND time at the Union already and he commented that, “maybe the third time will be the charm!”
Asshole. So I angrily hurried back to my apartment AGAIN, cursing everyone that was working the election booths, and eventually made it back to cast my vote. The things I do for this country…

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