And so another season of Lost is upon us. Another season of unanswered questions, freak outs due to unexplainable events and discussions of theories with fellow Lost enthusiasts.

The three hour event began with an hour recap, Lost: Destiny Calls, although it was more of a character examination with the story line from the previous season embedded within it. It wasn’t very detailed, but the important events were mentioned and my memory was thoroughly jogged- and the excitement was generated.

The first episode, “Because You Left”, started off with a flashback on the island way before the plane crashed and introduced Daniel, the physicist, as a veteran of the island who was present at the discovery of the magical “get off the island” turn wheel and at the time of the making of the Dharma Initiative tapes. It turned out that when Ben used this wheel to get off the island, it caused the island to move back and forth through time. Locke seems to be lost somewhere on the island, but off the island he is pronounced dead. The Oceanic Six back on the mainland have some problems of their own. Someone has figured out the fact that they are lying about what happened, and Kate is visited by lawyers claiming to have a judge’s orders to test if Aaron is actually her son. Sun approaches Widmore claiming that they have a common goal: to kill Ben. Hugo is accused of murder and escaping his institution, while it is actually Sayid doing all the killing and telling Hugo not to trust Ben- even though he’s been his personal hit man for the past two years. Jack, fully believing that the only way to save the people back on the island is to go back, joins forces with Ben.

Things get a little more complicated in the second episode, entitled “The Lie”. After being shot with a dart, Hugo entrusts Sayid to Jack who takes him to the hospital and revives him, but only after telling Ben. Ben doesn’t lose a second visiting Hugo at his home, but following Sayid’s advice, Hugo surrenders to the police rather than to go with Ben. On the island, Daniel manages to talk to Desmond while the island is somewhere in the past before the crash and tells him to go to Oxford, after which Desmond wakes up in the present ready to follow that request. Sawyer and Juliet get attacked by a new group of “others,” only to be saved by Locke, who is still alive on the island.

The last scene is the strangest of all. A cloaked woman in some sort of lab tells Ben that he has 70 more hours to gather the Oceanic Six in order to get them back to the island. Upon asking what happens is he doesn’t, the cloaked woman replied with “God help us all.”

Once again Lost managed to do what it does best: leave us with more questions. Is Locke really dead? What is Desmond supposed to find in Oxford? Will Ben be able to get the Oceanic Six? What’s Widmore’s deal? Can Kate hide away for long? …. I’ll stop there, this could go on forever. It is safe to say that every Wednesday the 8 to 9 PM timeslot of my life will be Lost.

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