Times are tough for everyone, which means an already anemic local music scene is really feeling the effects of the country’s economic shitstorm. Choosey moms choose Jif and choosey music fans are having to be more careful about how they spend their dollars. Following a month of Cover-Ups and Jeff Tweedys and recovering from Christmas over-spending, you might think that staying home and watching a movie is the right call for the next few weeks­­ — but think again. For one thing, you’re going to have to rent a movie if you want to avoid watching I Am Sam for the 13th time this month (which will only continue to annoy you with the frequent commercials and ads in the corner, per Coulter), and this means driving somewhere and wading through a sea of mouth-breathers (probably looking for the newest Larry the Cable Guy release) to find something worthwhile to drop some money on. Note: this is not necessary if Road House is on — that movie cannot be watched too many times. So you’ve got a movie, and now you’ve got to stop at another place to get a pizza (or roll the dice on delivery) and really, you’ve ended up paying more than you would for a rock show and a few drinks. The sooner we all realize this and start getting out to some shows to support live music, the better.
So it’s Thursday, and you’ve come to this realization, and you’re thinking, “What sorts of shows are at my fingertips tonight and where?” Well, you’re in luck because there are two great shows happening tonight, one on campus and one downtown — it’s like the show fairy was looking out for townies and campus kids alike. Over at the Canopy Club, you’ll find a de-make-upped (I hope) Santa, who might be willing to oblige a request for a repeat Cure song from the Cover-Up if you ask nicely. They’ll be the anchor on a show also featuring the smart indie-rock of Pet Lions. These young Chicago upstarts have been building up a solid fanbase in their hometown and are branching out with their Interpol-ish brand of tunes. Up before Pet Lions is another Chicago group, The Names That Spell. They skew a bit more experimental with more effects, more lowercase letters and the occasional use of Christmas lights as attire. It’s a solid night of young dudes playing rock tunes with (as of press time) the opportunity of a fourth band to fill the TBA slot. The show is scheduled to start at 10 p.m., and the $7 cover will be dropped to $5 if you get there early.
If you’re looking for a little less piercing guitar and less stuff that’s not ironic being called ironic, Cowboy Monkey will be awash with low-end thump and infectious melodies delivered by three acts from right here in CU. Do yourself a favor, and check out http://www.myspace.com/polehouse to hear songs by Eureka Brown, the dub-crazy band with a wide variety of influences who will be kicking things off at 9:30 p.m., allowing you to hear a sound that BBC6 listeners have already been privy to. The (always) cream of this Oreo cookie sandwich of local bands is Larry Gates in the form of one-man-loop/sample/scratch band Curb Service. After years of touring the country as the frontman of Lorenzo Goetz, Gates (hey, his name and that band name look similar…) decided he’d rather go it alone with the help of technology, which gels nicely with his newfound talent as a DJ. He also packs a pretty solid Krukid cover. Mordechai in the Mirror, a mess of strings, samples and words, will head up the show. Fans of Pulsar47 should look to Mordechai, which shares some members with the proggy instrumental band. But don’t expect the same sound you’re used to, as Mordechai is pushing things even further. The cover for this show is $5.
Friday is a horse of a different color as several local acts come together for the fourth annual V-Day Benefit to help stop violence against women. The show kicks off at 9 p.m. and will feature performances from a wide variety of local acts. Any money raised will go to local organization A Woman’s Fund and to the aid of victims in the Republic of Congo. Headliner JigGsaw had to pull out due to (I believe) a band injury, so the able men of Elsinore have stepped in to fill the spot. As lovers of all things lady-related, they’re a perfect fit, just like World’s First Flying Machine, who will play just ahead of Elsinore. Lady-fronted Sunset Stallion and lady-covering (Madonna at the Cover-Up) Common Loon are also scheduled to perform. The bill is rounded out by the Brother Whys and Tree Thump. Certainly a worthy place for your $7 to go, so get to the Cowboy Monkey on Friday.

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