Dubbed a “mid-’90s garage band sensation,” Hum’s humble origins can be traced back to the cozy corners of Treno’s, (now Espresso Royale), an Urbana cafe where the band’s founding guitarists met. A post-grunge/alt-rock act similar in sound to fellow Illinoisans The Smashing Pumpkins, Hum catapulted to success with their major-label debut, You’d Prefer an Astronaut on RCA Records in 1995.
“Stars,” Hum’s tragic rock masterpiece, became a hit single, reaching the No. 11 spot on the Billboard Modern Rock charts. If you’re a fan of Cadillac, you probably also heard “Stars” in the background music of a recent commercial for the company’s new CTS model.
Out of Hum’s final four-man lineup, buzz caught-up with guitarist Tim Lash and percussionist Bryan St. Pere about their current plans and aspirations. Like VH1, buzz asks, “Where are they now?”
Tim Lash: I still live in the [CU] area and work at the University as a Net admin. I play in a new band called Alpha Mile with Joe Ludwinski from Scurvine, (on bass and vocals), and Jason Milam from Scurvine and Love Cup (on drums). We have played a couple of shows recently and look to have an album out by the fall. I still play with T.J. Harrison from Love Cup in Glifted and hope to have a second album out someday soon as well.
Bryan St. Pere: I now live with my wife of 10 years, Kathy, and our two kids Tom (9) and Ava (7) in Evansville, Ind. I work for a medical device company called Boston Scientific in the neuromodulation division. I still play drums a bit with a local band called Loco Davi. Life is good!
A link to Hum’s fanbase with more updates can be found at http://www.h-u-m.net