With the spring break comes a nearly deserted campus. Those staying throughout break, fear not, we have your solution.

1. Visit Allterton park in Monticello, IL.

If you’re bummed about not getting to hit the beach this spring break and not bashful about a short drive, a trip to Allerton Park could be the getaway you need. Located about 30 minutes from CU, the park is home to the U of I Retreat Center as well as some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the area. Weather permitting, you should be able catch the park in spring bloom. So although it’s not a group of hot and sweaty college students donning barely-there swim attire on a sunny beach, you can still catch an eyeful.

2. Hells Bells : AC/DC Tribute at Canopy Friday March 27th.

Who doesn’t love a cover band? Even if you’re not a fan of AC/DC you can still rock out to the classics while enjoying a cold beer. If you’re really lucky, you might even get a chance to spy a drunk, dancing 40-year-old trying to reminisce years past. Tickets are only 7 bucks so it’ll be friendly on your wallet. Throw on your best pair of ripped jeans and faded t-shirt to head over to Canopy on Friday.

3. Harvest Moon Drive-in Theater in Gibson City Friday March 27th.

If cover bands aren’t your thing, but you still want a dose of nostalgia, take the more laid back route and check out the Harvest Moon Drive-in on its opening night of the season. About 45 minutes from CU and only 6 bucks a person, it beats a normal trip to the theater. You won’t be viewing drunk chicks attempting to get on Girls Gone Wild, but you’ll still get a chance to catch a half-way decent film.

4. Last but not least…an empty campus!

Rejoice! With everyone home, you can now safely navigate campus without the fear of being trampled by mobs of students rushing to class or those pesky bike riders that always seem to come out of nowhere. If you do decide to hit the campus bars, lines should be non-existent making it actually possible to go to Joe’s past 11 without having to wait outside in the monstrous line that forms like clockwork.

Just remember, its not so bad being here alone. Enjoy what CU has to offer without being too bitter for not getting that awesome spring break tan.

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