I was originally going to start this column off by saying, “when it rains, it pours,” but seeing as how it literally has been pouring practically all day, I’ll save the cliché and go with “misery loves company.”

The last week of my life has been, at best, horrible. That’s a pretty bold statement, but I am confident enough in my misery to know that right now my life sucks. “Wahh wahh, call the wambulance!” you say. Well, maybe the wambulance would actually care that my boyfriend of over a year broke up with me, my grandpa has just been diagnosed with cancer and cannot be treated, and finals week is rapidly approaching. Booyah.

Now I realize that none of you care about any of this, but I can’t pull my brain away from any of these thoughts long enough to compose some sort of witty and interesting story.

Today I participated in an extra credit research project where we watched an episode of “Private Practice,” a spawn of Grey’s Anatomy. We were surveyed before and after viewing the show about thoughts we had while watching and what character we identified with. I, of course, chose the character who was trying to prove to her friends that she was over her ex-boyfriend by fantasizing about other men, and then the second he came back into her life (without intentions of getting back together) she ran right back to him and fell even harder.

One of her highly esteemed colleagues (insert sarcasm here) was giving her advice and said, “it takes pain to grow,” and she responded, “maybe I don’t want to grow.” While the show is overall ridiculous, I couldn’t help but linger on those words because I feel the exact same way.

I know that life isn’t always easy, and things could be a lot worse, but sometimes when things are really good, it’s hard to believe they are ever going to change. And when they finally do change, it’s even harder.

This column has been somewhat therapeutic by just typing it, and sorry for going all Tyra Banks on your asses.

I promise to be less of drag next week; good luck studying for finals!

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