1. On Sunday, June 14, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, endorsed the possibility that longtime enemies Israel and Palestine could exist side-by-side. The offer came with a few small conditions: Palestine must completely demilitarize (read: surrender) and acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state In exchange, they get to keep living on land they don’t want. Needless to say, Palestinian leaders were less than enthusiastic about being handed the short end of the olive branch.
  2. In the aftermath of American Idol’s last season, the next round of soon-to-be has-beens is set to flood the markets with cheap pop. Kris Allen, winner, and runner-up Adam Lambert, have both signed to the company 19 Records. Named for the maximum age at which you can stand its artists, the company is owned by Idol creator and judge Simon Fuller. Fuller has come under fire for taking over contestant’s careers. Ever notice how few of these kids ever seem to go anywhere after their first album? The only winner here is Fuller. So, for you fans out there, keep an eye out during this year’s Teen Choice Awards for these stars’ moment in the spotlight. Make sure to get out and but their upcoming albums before Fuller throws these kids away like a used condom and wheels out the next batch of sacrificial pop victims this January.
  3. Modern-day Nixon and former Governor Rod Blagojevich continues his run as the American media’s Bastard of the Minute. This all started last winter, when a judge barred him from landing a spot eating spiders with the Baldwin brothers on some cheap reality show, where he hoped to raise cash for his legal fund (Instead, his wife Patricia is now on the show which is slightly less embarrassing to our state). Since then “Blago” has been on a dedicated campaign to save his career by selling off whatever tattered shreds of dignity still cling to him, including a stint as guest DJ on Chicago’s WLS and an appearance on The View. Last week he showed up at a staging of the new play “Rod Blagojevich Superstar” in Chicago, appearing onstage with the actors. Too bad none of them was a Booth.
  4. Those of you with stomachs strong enough to read political cartoons are more than familiar with the guffaws surrounding Twitter’s role in the current unrest in Iran, where protestors have used it to get important news out of the country. Surrounding this triumph over technology over oppression is the wheezing laughter of the elderly press. This says a lot more about the stodgy troglodytes running the nations opinion’s sections than it does about anything else. Presumably these people would have laughed at Paul Revere for using lanterns instead of rubbing sticks together. Can we all stop pretending to be surprised every time people use something invented less than fifty years ago?
  5. Earlier this week, University Police managed to recover two signs stolen from the “Beyond the Chief” exhibit at the Native American House and arrest a former student. They said there was no evidence of racial motivation here. Still, The sheer irony that a display designed to show respect for Native American heritage in the area has been desecrated and robbed by college kids isn’t going to play well at the next budget hearings. Incidentally, we’re still waiting for our new mascot. How about we get Blagojevich to wear a big-headed Blago costume? Wait until the fall semester and he’ll do it for free.

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