Summer is the perfect time for road trips, long hikes and sex away from home. For many reasons, sex when we’re traveling is exciting! We’re in a new environment, there may be something taboo about having sex and we may be meeting new people and forming new relationships. As you venture out into the wide world beyond your front door, “Doin’ It Well” thought we’d take a moment to examine all that you might need when you’ve got a case of wanderlust.

Pack for Sex

If sex is a possibility, you won’t want to get caught unprepared, so pack smart. Obviously, you’ll want to pack the essentials. Bring condoms and lube; you can even grab a mini pouch of lube to keep with your toiletries. Also, rather than stain your friend’s couch, think about packing an old towel, T-shirt or sheet to lay down before you get it on. If you’re in a relationship, planning ahead for sex on the road is not only about safety — it can add excitement as you brainstorm ideas about where and when and look forward to the time you’ll have together. Sex while traveling can also allow you and your partner to have some quality time together to de-stress from the trip, family or other activities that can wear us down.
Remember, if you forget something, you can buy emergency contraception, condoms and lube most places in the U.S. (Walgreens has an amazing selection!) If you’re traveling abroad, you might want to think about the availability (and acceptability) of condoms where you’re headed. Check out the travel guides and plan ahead!

Get a Room!

One of the big issues when traveling and/or staying with friends can be finding the privacy for sex — solo or with a partner. Whether you’re in a hostel with 20 strangers or in an apartment with your close friends, it might be difficult to find a secluded place for your travel tryst. Depending on the space, think about other places where you might be able to go. Bathrooms (depending on the cleanliness) might be ideal, but sound can also echo in a bathroom. You might also look for a laundry room, which are often empty in the middle of the night and have machines that may cover up any noise. Of course, you could always find a car or try outdoors. But keep in mind that you could get caught — public sex is usually illegal. If you want to be on the safe side, pay the extra money for a hotel room or a private room in a hostel; you and your partner will appreciate the privacy and freedom.

Keep It Down

It may be sexy to think that other people can hear your lovemaking, but that doesn’t mean that the other people appreciate the noise. If you are someone who has difficulty keeping your volume down during sex, then you might want to think twice before having sex near others. If the mood strikes, think about ways you can keep quiet. It might even add to the appeal if you have to work to stay quiet during sex and orgasm.

Leave Only Back-prints

Whether you’re camping or staying on a friend’s futon, the same rules apply. As a good guest, you should try to leave everything as you found it. Lay a towel down before you get it on. Pick up your used wrappers, and discard them properly. As courteous guests, we have a responsibility to our hosts — whether that’s Mother Nature or your mom!

Reading Away from Home

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We’ve received a lot of great questions from readers recently, and we look forward to answering them. Stay tuned next week as we answer a reader’s question about getting tongue-tied about STIs.

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