Somebody out there has my credit card and I want it back. I’ve been without it for over two weeks now and have gone all around town retracing my steps looking for it but have yet to be successful.
My credit card hunt is no surprise to the people that know me. I’m pretty good at losing things. For example, I seem to lose halves of pairs of socks all the time, which may explain why they’re always mismatched. I also consistently leave keyboards and pedals and cords behind at gigs as well. I’ve lost my phone before, I’ve lost my cat once, and there was even that one time when I lost my car for a day (I swear it wasn’t as bad as it sounds). It’s not that I’m disorganized or careless, I promise. I’m just really good at finding creative places to put my belongings.
But back to my credit card — it’s missing. And don’t go looking for it to use either, because I have blocked the account. The one interesting thing about losing things, though, is that you quickly realize how often you would normally need it. It has been a pretty big inconvenience without a quick way to pay for things and I don’t know how much longer my chunk of cash will last me (plus, I just ran out of checks).
But it’s amazing how often I’m reminded that I don’t have a way to pay for things during the day. I try to make a copy of something in the library, for example, and have to scan the floor for loose change. I stand in a long line at Chipotle and realize I can’t pay for my food once I get to the register. And I can’t even buy that new Backstreet Boys album on iTunes.
It is nice, though, not having to worry about spending money. I have to eat at home, I can’t run errands and I don’t have to be tempted to pay $5-$10 to go see shows on the weekend. Without a credit card, life has gotten a little simpler.
… But I still want it back, and if you have it, come find me and give it to me as soon or possible, or I will come find you.

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