So you’re an English major and you just don’t know what to do with that college education you are investing all your pennies into. Such is life, but never fear. Pursing a minor is here!

Recently I discovered the awesomeness of getting a minor through the Environmental Fellows program. The curriculum is through the School of Earth, Society and Environment, and is open to all majors. It’s like the corner piece of a birthday cake: absolutely perfect.

In today’s business savvy world, it seems as though corporations are all looking to “go greener.” CEOs, or the individuals down the line in the hiring department, are looking for employees that are knowledgeable about sustainability and that understand everything about the environment from energy efficiency to politics. So what spells out “HIRE ME” better than a minor in environmental studies in a natural world? I’ll tell you. Nothing.

Although applying to the Fellows program is past due for next semester, it’s most definitely worth taking a look into before finishing off your college career. If you think about it, there are no “cons” when it comes to investing into a minor. You’re killing two birds with one stone when you specialize in two different subjects. Personally, I think you’re crazy if you don’t even consider taking up a minor. You need so many hours to graduate anyways, why not take those hours and do something with them?

So we’ve established that it’s important to find a minor, but not just any minor – the Environmental Fellows minor. Even the website thinks you should do it. It says you can “create an internship, research or practicum experience that meets your specific needs and interests.” Mmmm, now that sounds enticing, being able to research information that meets your interests. Think of it as 18 hours of joy and learning that extends beyond reusable grocery bags and organic cereal. And here’s a bonus, the prerequisite to apply for the major involves taking an intro to Earth’s systems class, such as Severe and Hazardous Weather, Planet Earth, Climate and Global Change, or Intro to Meteorology. The list continues.

Now, I understand that I’m not your advisor or anything, but let’s get real, this is the most practical idea since whole wheat sliced bread. It’s one of those things that just makes sense. You go to the bathroom when your bladder is full, you apply to be an Environmental Fellows and fulfill a minor at the same time.

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