Looking for an introduction to the charming tunes of Neko Case? The following provides a brief summary of some of her stand-out tracks.
“Deep Red Bells” from Blacklisted
Lyrically and emotionally vulnerable, “Deep Red Bells” covers the haunting memory of the Green River Killer.
“The Bones of an Idol” from The New Pornographers’ Twin Cinema
Another track showcasing the range of Case’s voice, “The Bones of an Idol” is a standout on the well-received Twin Cinema.
“Go Places” from The New Pornographers’ Challengers
Uplifting and light, as cheesy as it sounds the tracks begs you to get out and “go places.”
“Hold On, Hold On” from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Once stated as Case’s only autobiographically track, “Hold On, Hold On” is “…not metaphorical about other people. It’s not little pieces of my life made into a story about someone else or someone fictitious.”
“This Tornado Loves You” from The Middle Cyclone
Case is at her strongest in flux, her voice at once powerfully strong and consciously soothing. The backing music suits the title as it is violent and chaotic, but cyclical.

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