The current economic situation has hit us hard. We feel it in our pockets, our stomachs and the closing of our favorite businesses. The Morning Cup, a local café located at the corner of Race and Water in Urbana, said goodbye to customers as it closed its doors Saturday, Dec. 5.
Owners Ron Blakey and Ann Stokr opened The Morning Cup in Dec. 2008. They had decided to combine their love of coffee and homemade food and share their appreciation with customers. With a cozy sitting area, artwork on the walls, and soft music playing in the background, the café offered both an inviting atmosphere and inviting food. The Morning Cup served a variety of coffees and espresso, blended drinks, gelato, as well as homemade soups, salads and sandwiches.
Despite having loyal customers, Blakey and Stokr found business was difficult from the beginning, and Stokr said that they closed last week because of “economic reasons.” Blakey noted that last year, “the economy was still very strong and vibrant, and just about the time we were ready to open doors, the economy started tanking.” This has been the case with many businesses nationwide, particularly small and local ones, who have found it difficult to keep up with the failing economy. Blakey and Stokr said they hope that The Morning Cup will be bought and continue to be a household name in Urbana.
College students feel the effects of the economy and have responded by being more conscientious in their spending, eating out less and spending less on food when they do go out. Feifei Lian, a junior in electrical engineering, described her change in eating habits: “I used to spend a lot of money on food. But this semester [I have been] eating a lot of dorm food.” As a result, restaurants and businesses have suffered. Some, like The Morning Cup, have needed to close. And as Blakey reflected, “… business is down everywhere … It’s a struggle for everybody.”

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