In a world of 1’s and 0’s, of .mp3s and .m4as, a surprising contender seems to be resurfacing in the world of music — vinyl.
“On an average Saturday we sell more vinyl than we do CDs,” said Jim Kelly of CU’s Parasol Records. “Last year we sold the most we’ve sold since the early ‘80s or late ‘70s.”
The reason for this unexpected resurgence?
“I think there’s a new generation of teens who are figuring out the joys of vinyl,” Kelly said. “There’s something to be said when an artist takes the time and care to put songs in order for you on an album, and they’re not just singles you can buy individually.”
Beyond the record store, Parasol acts as one-stop shop for a number of bands from near (Common Loon) and far (Sweden’s Peter Bjorn and John). In addition to providing publicity and distribution, the company has a handful of labels, all under one roof.
“For a great while, we were one of the only ways for local bands to get music onto CDs and then get distributed,” said Kelly. “We’ve waded through the mess for you and found the best stuff. That’s our job.”

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