If you’re looking for the generic shopping indoors experience this weekend, head over to Wal-Mart or Super Target. But if you want to get outside and buy apples, scones and scented candles within mere feet of each other, you may want to consider Market at the Square. The event that brings a farmer’s-market feel and sells everything from pastry and produce to pottery and plants starts up again this Saturday. The tradition began in 1979, and last year, nearly 175 vendors showed off their works.
Bread company Great Harvest will come for their nearly decade-long streak of participating in the Market. However, though they may be an “old dog” for about nine years now, manager Debbie Clark assures that the bread will be anything but boring.
“We try to change it up,” Clark said. “I think this year people want to get back to the basics. But we are also doing things like red, white and blue bread for the 4th of July.”
Great Harvest is known in the CU area for their breads, and this year they’re bringing out a whole array of their popular eats.
“We’re going to start out with apple pie bread,” said Clark, “cheddar garlic bread and sour dough — those are our really special, popular breads. And of course some scones — like cranberry.”
For all of the variety for sale with Great Harvest and other vendors, some students still hardly know about (or even choose different) outdoor markets. Sophomore Sarah Woolley, said that while she likes the idea of a local market, she prefers the one in her hometown.
“I’ve never gone,” said Woolley, “though I know a friend who likes to go there for the fresh produce. Back home, I love the Farmer’s Market because it’s an easy and nutritious meal for the day, and it’s normally inexpensive.
However, the Market at the Square provides all that, plus an unique community experience, according to Clark.
“It’s such a community event,” Clark said. “It’s fun. There’s the whole diversity of it, with music and crafts. The other ones [in other areas] are good, but this one has more variety.”
The Farmer’s Market opens up in Downtown Urbana at Illinois & Vine Street Saturday May 1, at 7 a.m. to noon, and goes through each Saturday until Nov. 6. For more information, visit their website at http://www.city.urbana.il.us/urbana/Community_Development/Economic_Development/market/main.htm

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