There you are walking past the front window, shopping bags in hand, then you see that cute face with a wet nose staring out at you from a pet store window, and your heart just melts. Unfortunately, before you flirt with the idea that it’s time to bring home the little furball, there are some things you should know. It’s a sad reality that some of those adorable faces come from grim beginnings in puppy mills, where dogs are often left locked up in small cages to be bred over and over again for profit. Thankfully, there is now legislation that could help stop puppy mills by requiring pet stores to disclose medical information and breeder information on the animals they sell. In the meantime, however, would you buy a puppy from a pet store if you were unsure of where it came from? To find out more about this new legislation check out Friday’s Species Speak.

“No. Shelters. We just got our cat from the shelter.”
Lauren Siemienas, Graduate Student in Accounting

“No, I would only buy from the humane society. Probably because I’m a PETA activist, but just because of the abuse that’s there, the crammed in setting. I’ve seen the abuse [that comes from puppy mills].”
Marissa Harris, Graduate Student in Social Work

“I would still get one. I just haven’t really put much thought into it though.”
Alex Ruwe, Student in Philosophy visiting from Eastern

“No, we’ve always gotten them from known breeders or the humane society. That would be my preference.”
Joel Gebauer, Former Resident of Urbana

“Not a chance. I am adamantly against dogs being sold in pet stores.”
Steve Farnau, Resident of Champaign

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