Welcome to Amy’s Kitchen Adventures! In this column, I will share with you the laughs and tears (possibly onion induced), the trials and tribulations, the mistakes and triumphs that I encounter every time I cook. Each column is a mix between a recipe and a diary. Hopefully, you’ll be able to relate to some of my cooking experiences (like adding a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of baking soda to chocolate chip cookies one time? Yikes. That dough got thrown out), laugh at them, and even learn from them! I just want to share with you what I discover, mess up, and learn, so that maybe you will want to try a new recipe. Because food is about sharing, right?
Each week, I will document a different recipe that I cook in my wonderful kitchen. I will try to keep recipes in the 5 ingredient range. This way, you don’t have to hoard food and force-feed it to your refrigerator to the point of it overflowing with stinky and unrecognizable leftovers. Poor fridge. Plus, with just 5 ingredients, cooking will go a lot quicker, and will be easier!

This week’s meal: Polish sausage and roasted potatoes.

  • 1 link of Kielbasa (polish sausage)
  • 3-5 Red potatoes
  • 2 Bell peppers (red, green, yellow, your choice!)
  • 1 Medium onion
  • About a cup of Bread crumbs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Wash and scrub the potatoes. Cut them whatever which way you want; I just sliced them into half inch circles. Add some black pepper to your breadcrumbs, and then coat the potatoes in the breadcrumb mixture. Next, cut the bell pepper and onion into sizes that are about the same as your potatoes, so that everything cooks at the same pace. Of course, mince your gah-lic!
Side note: About 1 minute after I put the baking sheet full of potatoes and peppers in the oven, something didn’t seem right. What was I forgetting?
Dear, sweet, stinky onions and garlic! How could I forget you?? You, the most precious, potent, and flavorful of ingredients to me. Reader, if there is anything you will take away from this column, it is the wondrous power that is contained in garlic and onions (and my utter devotion to their magic).


Put everything on a baking sheet that you have covered with either parchment paper or wax paper. Drizzle with olive oil, and salt and pepper, to taste. Bake for 30 minutes, or until everything is roasted to your liking.

While that’s all going to get deliciously baked and caramelized, start on your sausage! Kielbasa is super easy. If you’ve got a link of it, simply cut it into 4 inch long sections. Put them in a pot of water, and set that over medium-high heat. Now, just wait for it to boil! Allow it to boil for 3-5 minutes, and then remove from the heat. Take your sausage out of the pot. Voila! Your kielbasa is done!
I actually forgot to add salt to the veggies, so I would suggest doing that to add just a little flavor. Also, I think next time I will try lightly coating the potatoes in olive oil first, and then putting the breadcrumbs over them so they bind better and can create more of a crust. But the peppers were insanely delicious, especially when the outsides got all brown, caramelized and roasted. Mmm. So sweet and savory. Plus, it’s pretty hard to mess up sausage. Enjoy!

Join me next week for an autumn adventure: Homemade caramel!

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