After a long wait, the courageous men we all know and love return to theatres in Jackass 3D. If you are already a fan, you will get to witness Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and the rest of the gang perform stunts that will make you queazy. Directed by Jeff Tremaine, this anticipated film is said to be the “next level” of the Jackass series, with more dangerous stunts and outrageous pranks.
Jackass 3D has familiar faces that some people have encountered in other films, television shows and even video games.
This movie definitely has its great moments. From getting punched in the face with a boxing glove by someone skateboarding, launched in the air while in a port-o-potty containing feces and slapped with a fish that’s the size of your torso, there are countless scenes in the movie that will keep you on your toes. The pranks are always amusing to view. Seeing the guys trick each other makes it difficult for you to not laugh.
In Jackass 3D, some of the stunts channel a modern, idiot version of Evil Knieval that will be sure to shock you when you least expect it. The guys, as always, put themselves through risky situations, most the time ending in injuries. This causes the movie to have the standard message before any Jackass show where they encourage people not to watch the film and think it is a good idea to reenact at home. Therefore, for safety precautions, you should not try the stunts yourselves, but instead leave it to the professionals.
Last but not least, if the pranks and stunts are not your thing, there are always the cool skateboarding tricks that could possibly “wow” you. It is amazing that through all of the madness that stunts and pranks entail, the Jackass gang has room to squeeze skateboarding into the movie.
The Jackass series continues to live on with its third movie now released. Fans and newcomers will come together and watch the movie, if not for the stunts, then at least for the 3D. If slapstick humor chock full of ridiculous stunts that “only idiots would do” is your thing, then you need to get to your nearest theatre and see Jackass 3D. If you spend all your days working nonstop, take time out to be a jackass for a couple hours. You will not regret it.

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