It’s no surprise that Chester Street was voted best gay-friendly nightlife. It is widely known as the area’s best gay bar by people from all walks of life. However, C Street isn’t just a gay bar and doesn’t want to be known as such. Rather, it is, as the name of its award says, gay-friendly.
“We really don’t want people to think of it as a gay bar, but rather gay-friendly, because we don’t discriminate,” said Randall Krause, one of C Street’s two DJs. “People come to have a good time, and anyone is welcome. We want anyone to be able to walk in here and feel safe. We appreciate when people can accept things openly in their lifestyle. There’s a lot of openness nowadays, and we encourage that. That’s what sets us apart from other bars.”
That atmosphere of complete openness is reflected in C Street’s clientele. Different nights of the week cater to different groups of people. Perhaps the best known is Sunday, which is Drag Night. Monday is also Goth Industrial night.
“I like Goth Industrial night because it brings in alternative elements that wouldn’t exactly fit into Drag Night or into a mainstream night,” Krause said.
The rest of the days of the week draw more mainstream crowds, but Krause says that Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually frequented by fraternities and sororities who book the club for dancing. On those nights, generally C Street’s busiest, the music is more mainstream.
“We try to cater to the crowd that’s present, but I also like to try to introduce people to something new, something they might not have heard before,” Krause said. “I like to get creative. The most important thing is to keep an open mind and keep people happy.”
C Street also hosts some fabulous parties for Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s. They also host Studio 54, which hearkens back to the days of disco, and a Red Party, sponsored by Red Bull, which raises money for AIDS awareness.
“Our parties really are top-notch,” said Krause. “We have the best lighting and video system in the area, the best dance floor, the best DJ booth. We try to make things fabulous. There’s an energy and enthusiasm in the nightlife here that comes across.”
And it does. At night, all different kinds of people can be seen dancing, some in couples and some in groups. There is an atmosphere of openness and fun that truly makes C Street the CU’s best gay-friendly nightlife.

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