Friar Tuck in Savoy snags the title of the most prized liquor store and shows no sign of slowing down. Boasting the widest selection of beers, wines and liquor in the area, Friar Tuck provides the greater CU area with its beverage needs.
Walking into Friar Tuck brings back the feeling one gets when leaving their last final of spring semester and heading into the summer: the possibility to try something new, the sureness of returning to an old favorite, and an immense thirst for something, well, of the alcohol variety.
From an extensive wine selection to beers you have never heard of, the selection at Friar Tuck is nothing short of astounding. Vodka to gin, IPA to lager, pinot noir to merlot — if this libation power house doesn’t have it, then you aren’t likely to find it within an hour radius of CU.
Blaine McClellan, assistant manager, points to their ability to find what their customers need, no matter how obscure. “We have the variety that our competitors don’t,” McClellan said. “Our beer selection is ever growing, building off of old favorites and exploring new ones.”
With the constantly rotating collegiate market, McClellan says not much has changed since their last win — they are still focused on knowing their product and keeping to a wide variety so no one leaves the store empty handed.
One area that seems to be increasing in interest is the home brew section. There customers can find all the tools they need to create their own tasty brews.
With such great selection, how does one choose? To solve this dilemma McClellan suggests the tastings held on Saturdays, which are free of charge.
“Usually wine is the focus, but we’ll include a beer or two, maybe even a liquor. It gives people a chance to try something they may not pick up on their own,” Mclellan said. Tasting selections are based primarily on staff favorites, sales of the week or seasonal varieties.
Regardless of what you are looking for when you walk into this Elysian field of booze, you will walk out with what you know and love and more.

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