I’m not sure how a men’s clothing store could be any classier than Jos. Kuhn & Co. With a prominent storefront on Main Street in downtown Champaign, it’s obvious from the window that the store has a sophisticated selection, Jos. Kuhn’s history is just as full of quality as its merchandise.
Joseph Kuhn, a Jewish immigrant, started the store in Champaign in 1865, just five years after the city was established. While the name has changed over the years, Jos. Kuhn & Co. has been a family business since its beginnings. Its first location was in the center of Champaign’s business section and has since relocated to Main Street. They have had additional stores in Tuscola, Danville and the Champaign Marketplace Mall.
The current building, constructed in 1907, stands four stories and covers 35,000 square feet. It’s an impressive building not only for its classy and traditional style, but also for its merchandise inside.
Kuhn’s most popular items are their suites, high quality dress shirts, sports shirts and sweaters. Everything is carried in a variety of colors and sizes, including fits that are hard to find elsewhere. Kuhn’s also has a variety of accessories like ties, shoes, socks, belts and underwear. As the seasons change, their hats also become popular. At one time, Kuhn’s hats were one of their most extensive collections.
“Old Kuhn’s used to have a huge selection of hats. You couldn’t go to Memorial Stadium and see men without hats,” Kuhn’s employee Tim Hutchinson said.
Aside from these more typical articles, Kuhn’s has a collection of more traditional items too, like shirt and sock garters, collar bars, king size socks and tie and hanky sets. Their merchandise covers all bases; they serve college students looking for interview attire and those in their 70s and 80s as well.
While you won’t find any cheap items in Kuhn’s, the prices do reflect the top quality brands they supply, and you will find fine service and variety that’s hard to match in big department stores.
“We’re a blend of old traditional customer services where we’ll work with people for a couple hours if it’s necessary, helping pick color, style and fit,” Hutchinson said. “Quality, selection and service is what Kuhn’s has always stood for.”

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