The Main Quad is the 203-foot wide, 940-foot long stretch of grass in the heart of campus, surrounded by several of the buildings that students go to for class. At times the Quad is bustling with students: some scurrying down the sidewalk to their next class, others walking or biking leisurely. Other times it is much more quiet and peaceful.
On a sunny day it can be the perfect place to stretch out and relax. It can also be a place to do homework, a place to hang out with friends, even a place to learn about clubs or events happening on campus. But it can also be a place for romance.
That’s right, it’s the perfect place to go when you’re feeling romantic, which is why students voted for the Quad as the best place to declare your love for someone. So what is it about this place that makes a person want to say the “L” word, to spill their heart out to their special someone?
Perhaps it’s also the picturesque setting. Ross Tuttle, a freshman in mechanical engineering, and Bonnie Lin, a freshman in special education, agree that the view makes the Quad romantic, as the two walk arm in arm through the Quad.
“It’s a good place to go for a walk, when it’s quiet, (because) you’re surrounded by … nature,” said Tuttle.
Indeed, the Quad is lined with a variety of large trees that change all sorts of beautiful colors in the fall, and roses surround the Foellinger Auditorium at the south end of the Quad, making it a scenic area to walk through.
It may also be a popular place for people to declare their love because of the famous “Eternal Flame” that sits between Lincoln Hall and the English building on the Quad. This memorial, a gift from the class of 1912, is a semi-circular stone bench, with pillar in the center that has a glass globe and light bulb as a “flame” at the top. Hearts are scribbled all over the Eternal Flame, with the names of various couples. It is an old campus myth that lovers who kiss under the eternal flame will have their relationship last forever.

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