The location sucks. The building is hard to find. It’s kind of far from campus.
There are so many reasons why Vision World should not be as successful as it is. However, for the eleventh year in a row, Vision World has been voted CU’s best place to get tattooed. Obviously, they’re doing something right.
Ray Hughes, tattoo artist, painter and shop owner, has been in the business a hefty 20 years, and yet he still frequents tattoo seminars and art classes.
That’s what keeps his tattoos top notch. Always the avid learner, Hughes is dedicated to bettering his techniques to better the tattoos.
“The bigger your bag of tricks … the better your quality turns out,” he said. “You can never stop learning.”
Hughes is serious about his job because to him, it’s more. Vision World is art. It’s life.
Not only is the inside of the store decked out in cool and inviting hand painted artwork and portfolios of tattoo designs, but at Vision World, the tattoo artist listens to the client. The customer and his/her vision always comes first because to Hughes, a tattoo is like a memory that you leave his store with; a memory that lasts forever. It’s important to get that right.
“I think the reason we’ve been here 18 years is because when we touch base with somebody, the connection is there. We listen here,” said Hughes.
Hughes has built an empire that circles back to the relationship between tattoo artist and client. People love what they do at Vision World, and it shows.
“I don’t think we’ve advertised in over a year and yet, every day someone comes in from seeing a tattoo I did. You know, every tattoo I did, leads to my next tattoo,” he said.

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