With a history of thirteen years on this spirited campus, Legends Bar and Grill has made a mark on the masses that roam its grounds. Colorfully representing the University with its navy blue and orange outer coat, the restaurant is welcoming and attractive.
General manager, Tracey Herbert has been working at Legends since he was nineteen, which was the year it was brought here. Previously Deluxe Lunch and Billiards Pool Hall, Legends has since transformed into a concrete and central venue for the University and all of CU. Working hard to live up to the service and satisfaction Deluxe Pool and Billiards used to provide, Herbert and his crew have been successful in staying consistent with tradition, which is why it is so legendary.
“One of the most famous items is the fish sandwich from Deluxe Lunch and Billiards,” Herbert said. “The place was around for 50 years and the sandwich was very popular; that’s all they were known for! Since then, we’ve made that our focal point.”
When asked to pick out his personal favorite, Herbert was at a loss for an answer.
“The thing is, everything is good,” Herbert explained. “There is nothing on this menu where we cut corners or serve cheap quality. What we pride ourselves on is that with every single item, we are proud to put it on our plates.”
Although Legends attracts large groups of sports fans during their respective seasons, it doesn’t fail to attract and please people of all interests and social groups. Herbert said when Legends was first established, liquor companies told them that they had to cater to Greek life. But Legends objected and decided that they would treat everyone like they were welcome.
“Our crowds are really quite diverse,” Herbert said. “People anywhere from age twenty to thirty, grad students, foreigners, Greeks and independents will come in, which is what I like. On a Friday at lunch you’ll see businessmen and secretaries and by 9 at night you’ll have grads in that are having a beer.”
According to Herbert, what sets Legends apart from the several other sports bars on campus is its consistency. For the past thirteen years, Legends has yet to remodel because they tend to plan for longevity. The cleanliness and professionalism of Legends represents its name. When they first opened up, Legends stood as the nicest bar on campus, and has since forced others to come up as well. Aside from quality in design, offering better quality and variety than other places, Herbert considers Legend’s beer list to be pretty impressive.
“At the time, they thought college kids didn’t need a nice place. They thought they’d tear it up,” he said. “But we sort of lead the way for people to give college kids nicer places to hang out.”
Legends has contributed heavily to external organizations, especially for causes like Coaches for Cancer at their “Campustown Throwdown” in the spring. Legends was the highest raising supporter for the cause. Legends’ kindness and generosity isn’t just apparent through their activity in philanthropy, but is emulated through their work staff as well.
“What I tell our employees is, ‘Don’t do things you wouldn’t do if you worked at a bank.’ ” Herbert said. “I never see bank tellers looking sloppy. I don’t see bank tellers drinking on the job or coming to work late, so we don’t drink on the job or come to work late. We run it like a business, so by hiring the best available employees form the U of I, I think it really shows in the way we treat our guests.”
Join Herbert and the rest of his staff at Legends seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. There is no cover at the door, and you must be 19 years or older to enter after 9 p.m.

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