With a repertoire unlike anything else in their league, dubstep duo Eoto is returning to The Canopy Club in Urbana on May 4. Each time they visit, the duo of drummers Jason Hann and Michael Travis, come with intentions to turn an ordinary night into something magical while remaining completely unrehearsed.
Both Hann and Travis are members of jam band The String Cheese Incident. Both Travis and Hann picked up their musical skills as teenagers, leaving them with much experience and motivation to continue down the paths they have chosen. But what really offers the two enough stamina to cultivate two equally time consuming projects is their satisfaction with the way they run things.
“On a night-to-night basis we’re trying to turn every night into a Saturday night,” Hann said. “We’re going into every night thinking, ‘We want to make this night better than any other night on the tour.’”
Each set is played unrehearsed, allowing each night to be different than a previous one.
Although Eoto hasn’t always produced dubstep music, some of their most prominent influences were men of elite dubstep skill. Artists such as Skream and Bassnectar, along with STS9 and Lotus, all play important roles in Eoto’s sound.
“When we first started, we just played with electronic beats because it was fun,” Hann explained. “I listened to a lot of early Bassnectar and Soundtribe just to see what the hell was in there because we knew a lot of people were loving it and we wanted to see how we could interpret that. Once we got to DJ-only festivals like Shambala, we started to see so much more, like dirty dubstep.”
One of the only live dubstep groups around, Eoto takes what inspired it to make it one of the biggest inspirations to rising creative producers.
“That’s where we found our voice,” Hann said. “Before 2008, we were doing our thing while trying to do what these guys were doing. But since then, we’ve settled into our own thing. We can go anywhere: house, electro, drumstep, dubstep, whatever.”
With enough skill to keep him going for years to come, Hunn’s goal for the near future is to bring more originality to the world of DJing. He would like to see less track-by-track placement and more improvisation during his own DJ sets. As for Eoto as a whole, Hunn seems quite happy with its unmatched presence.
“We come from neither a band or a DJ perspective,” Hunn said. “We found our voice and it’s unique as far as what we do on a nightly basis, at least compared to going to see your hero up there behind a laptop.”
For free track downloads and more information on Eoto visit Live Downloads as well as EOTO’s Soundcloud

Who: Eoto
When: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Where: The Canopy Club -Urbana, IL
Doors: 10 p.m.
Tickets: $15 in advance/$18 @ the door.

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