It’s not over yet.
The first day of autumn falls on September 23rd, leaving the northern hemisphere precious little time to frolic in the carefree atmosphere of summertime. Unluckily school’s beginning and lower daily highs are making it hard to savor the last bit of euphoric warmth. So take strength from the International Astronomical Union, the fact that it’s still socially acceptable to wear shorts outside, and this playlist and live it up before the leaves turn yellow and hot nights get cold.
1. Cut Copy “Where I’m Going”
This song is modern Beach Boys; it’s transient with a residue of calm sandy happiness.
2. Miami Horror “Holidays”
Like the name suggests, this track warm-heartedly invites you to forget your worries, close your eyes and bask in the heat of the hot, hot sun. Happiness audiofied.
3. Ceo “Come with Me”
A listener would be hard pressed to deny the urgings of the ambient voice on the track, and every time I happily comply, the song only takes me to good places.
4. The Young Friends “I Won’t Break Your Heart”
Simple beats, cheeky voices and the all-important rhythmic clapping make the fun in the song inevitable.
5. Jonathan Johansson “Blommorna (Niva Remix)”
More relaxing, the far away vocals lull you into a pleasant reclining position in your state of mind.
6. Goldroom “Morgan’s Bay”
This song says: “Let’s go to a yacht club and dip our feet in the water.” Listening is pleasant, but the breakdown in the fourth minute takes it home.
7. Sean Kingston “Letting Go ft. Nicki Minaj (Kingdom Dub)”
The song artist is misleading, seeing as this remix features only Nicki Minaj’s featured lyrics and addictive, playful electro nuisances. Overall, it’s a big, chill improvement on the original.
8. Gyptian “Hold Yuh” (Major Lazer Remix)
Possibly the best driving-with-your-windows-down song ever. God bless Jamaican accents making summer sound so good.

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