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All Hours

Artist: Ivy
Album: All Hours (Nettwerk Records)
Release Date: Sept. 20, 2011
RIYL: Mike Snow, Club 8, The Sundays

If you are familiar with Ivy’s past albums like 2005’s In The Clear, then you pretty much know what to expect with All Hours because it’s the same type of sound. Throughout the record, we hear Dominique Durand’s whispery voice on each track, which can start sounding too monotonous for some people, but it really works In the Clear.

The album opens with single “Distant Lights.” It is the obvious choice for a single, as it is extraordinarily catchy with a great, upbeat melody. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t stuck in my head even as I continued on to the next songs on the album.

The second track, which also happens to be the second single, “Fascinated,” is also an extremely catchy tune. I would say this track sums up the style of music that Ivy encompasses: slow, melodic, repetitive and yet powerful and effective.

As the album continues on, we hear the track “Make It So Hard” which bears striking similarities a track The Doors might put out if they played new music, and it works.

“Everybody Knows” features guitar more than any other track on the record. It almost lulled me to sleep, but then I was revived back to life with the following track “Lost In The Sun”. “Everybody Knows” is by no means a bad song, I actually quite enjoyed its melodic feel.

All in all, I enjoyed this album. It sounds much like every other Ivy album, but I think that’s fine, especially if you particularly like Ivy. I would definitely recommend listening to this while simply looking to wind down your day.

buzz Factor: 4/5 Bees

Ivy – All Hours (Full Album Stream)
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