Girl Talk @ Fighting Illini Fest; photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret Pink

I went into this concert with the worst expectations possible: I had seen Kid Cudi perform here before and was less than impressed. I had never even heard anything by Girl Talk before, and there were 10,000 students in a muddy, hay covered mess. However, after watching the entire performance, my mind was completely changed.

Walking into the concert, I was instantly blown away. The stage was way bigger than I expected, and I was also shocked that I was let in since I was told there was a “limited” capacity. The lines were pretty long for the games that Pink provided, but I noticed quite a few people carrying around Pink tote bags and miniature versions of the stuffed signature Pink dogs.

After waiting in line for what seemed like an eternity to both get into the venue and to play a game, I moved to the stage. It was almost impossible to find a spot that wasn’t a sinkhole of mud, but I eventually just settled wherever. It was odd that they would have an outdoor concert outside in October, but even odder that they chose to have it in a muddy field used mostly for drunken tailgates before the football games. After complaining about this for a little while, I noticed Kid Cudi was due to come on stage.

The entire dynamic of this outdoor concert was already better than when Cudi performed last fall at Assembly Hall. I don’t know if I was enjoying it more because I didn’t waste $30 bucks on it or because he genuinely was performing better, but either way I enjoyed his performance much more right from the start. As it proceeded, I was less and less impressed, and I would argue that the crowd felt similarly. It is pretty obvious that he is mostly known on this campus for his “hits,” and I feel that the lesser-known songs that he played were too slow to really make the crowd feel involved. However, he made a good move by closing his set with a mix of some of his biggest radio singles, perhaps convincing the audience that they stuck around in the freezing, muddy cold for good reason.

Girl Talk was one of the most impressive performances of all time, and I completely did not expect that. I heard what kind of music Girl Talk played and wrote him off immediately, assuming it would not be my cup of tea. The energy he presented to the audience was impressive, especially considering attendance was almost cut completely in half when Kid Cudi left the stage. Honestly, people that left after Cudi really missed out because Girl Talk was the show. Girl Talk is known for his mash up of songs of the past 30 years, usually mixing old hits with new ones, and he really does an excellent job. His stage performance is also impeccable: he was jumping up onto the his table and getting the crowd pumped up, while people that I’m assuming were students were dancing on the stage alongside him the entire time. Several times throughout the show, confetti was shot into the audience, and later, gigantic balloons filled with confetti were thrown out and bounced around throughout the crowd until they popped confetti all over the audience. The show ended with hundreds of colorful balloons filling the air.

Now that I’ve been to Kid Cudi a second time in my life, I can say with even more confidence that I do not plan on seeing him in the future, outdoors or otherwise. However, I would pay to see Girl Talk again in concert; it was one of the most fun experiences I have ever encountered when going into a concert essentially blind

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