Buying shoes at Urbana’s Heel to Toe is a much different experience than at a regular shoe store. The shoe fitters at Heel to Toe have received the same certifications as nurses do. They specialize in serving those with conditions that require special care in selecting shoes. The store also has an on-site shoe repair location with several experienced cobblers. With around 6,000 shoes, the size of the storage area in the basement rivals that of a small department store. Getting a shoe fitting at Heel to Toe is a special experience.

During my visit to the store, I witnessed Van Boyd give a fitting to Bruce Stoddard. Stoddard traveled all the way from Danville to get a fitting. “You don’t really get service like this from anywhere else,” he said. The service he speaks of is his fitting, which took almost half an hour. Boyd sat right on the floor and had Stoddard try on several different pairs of shoes with different combinations of socks and insoles. There was no rushing on Boyd’s part — he truly cared about the quality and fit of the shoe. Service at Heel to Toe is a cut above the rest.

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