Nothing screams romance like the smell of beer and the feel of sticky floors. That must be what makes Kam’s the best place on campus to find a one-night stand. According to general manager Zach Meyer, the bar doesn’t directly promote romance — “It just kind of happens. It’s a big, open area that houses 600 people. It’s easy to talk to people.”

Sometimes, the romance can reach unnecessary levels.

“Two people were in the back alley explicitly hooking up while holding on to the trash cans for support,” Meyer said.

Drinks are also occasionally thrown in faces.

“A girl found out her boyfriend cheated on her,” Meyer recalled. “The girl’s friends were screaming at the boyfriend. The guy’s friends were trying to get him to turn his back and walk away. The people who didn’t know them were laughing hysterically.” Ah, the beauty and grace of the Illini student body.

According to Zach, the most love-y time of day at Kam’s is Friday nights after happy hour because people have been drinking all day. Which drink is most romance-inducing?

“Blue Guys, easily,” Meyer said. “Everybody’s curious what they are. Just say, ‘what’s a blue guy?’ A guy will buy you one, and there you go.”

So there you have it, everybody ­— the cushiest love seat of Champaign-Urbana is right under your beer-seeking noses. Keep up the good work, Kam’s.

Runners up:

  • Joe’s
  • Guido’s

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