Greetings from New Orleans! At this moment, I could be doing any of the following things: stuffing my face with jambalaya, drinking a Bacardi 151 hurricane (possibly with said jambalaya), drinking cafe au lait and eating beignets on the patio of Cafe du Monde, wrestling an alligator, learning some voodoo tricks or sleeping in a bathtub of ice because it’s hot as lasers outside. In all actuality, however, this was written while I was sitting in the buzz office in Champaign, so most of this is speculation. But, I plan on doing all of the aforementioned items, minus wrestling an alligator (besides, gator season isn’t for a while so it’s not even an option), and that will probably not end as well as good food with good friends.

I have wanted to go to NOLA for ages now. Why exactly, I can’t say, which was made evident from my conversation with my mom the other night when I couldn’t figure out what specific reason I wanted to go, other than I really wanted to go. That seems to be good enough for me and the three other guys I’m going with. The “horror” and funny stories I’ve heard from the many people who have visited NOLA before me are also enticing. The city seems to be a bit like Vegas, minus the “staying in Vegas” part, since I obviously heard all about the crazy things that happened there.

I haven’t planned much for this trip either, other than the overly-long list of restaurants and bars that I want to hit up while we are there. A rum distillery tour is also in the works. Naturally, my interests lie mainly in the realms of food and libations. Everything else is secondary.
I’m hoping that when I get back, I will think that everything that happened in NOLA was a dream and only me and my fellow editors will know it’s real. Crazy things could happen, or they couldn’t. Who knows! That’s the fun part! Whatever we do, eat (lots of oyster shooters coming my way) and drink (Ramos gin fizzes, anyone?), it will definitely be a fun trip, which maybe, if you’re lucky, you might get to hear a thing or two about when we return. If we return.

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Samantha Bakall

Samantha is a senior in news-editorial journalism and Italian with a passion for cooking and photography. She also has a particularly large affinity for cured meat products, specifically bacon and sausages. She loves to read/write about food, learn about the science behind it and will eat whatever you put in front of her. Samantha aspires to write for a food publication.

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