Miike Snow is one of the catchiest bands of recent years. Formed in 2007, this band is only now starting to become more well known, as I discovered at Lollapalooza when they drew a staggeringly large crowd. The band consists of producing team Bloodshy and Avant (previously having produced songs such as “Toxic” by Brittney Spears and “How High” by Madonna) and lead vocalist Andrew Wyatt.

Their self-titled 2009 debut album, Miike Snow, is an excellent mix of electropop beats with some of the strangest, most awesome lyrics I’ve ever heard. The album’s first single, “Animal”, became quite popular in the UK, but even so it only made it to number 98 on the UK Single Chart. This song features lyrics constantly reminding the speaker that no matter what he tries to do, he’s “still, [he’s still] an animal”.  I am obsessed with the repetition in this song: it’s so simple, but that’s what makes it so brilliant.

One of the great things about this album is the way they play with sounds so much. In the middle of any given song on the album there are little quirks. This is especially evident the song “Sans Soleil”: as soon as Wyatt’s voice is heard, you can hear squeaks of music in the background. These squeaks are of course not coincidental in fashion: they are very articulately planned out to make the layout of the song flow. Every single tweak and knob turn has a purpose: these men are production masters. Later on the album, “In Search Of” also has a variety of sounds that are guaranteed to give you ear-gasms from start to finish. Your brain will be continuously guessing where the song is going next, and it is impossible to do so until you’ve heard it about a hundred times. But that’s what I love about this album: the virtual unpredictability of it.

The lyrics of Miike Snow are absolutely one of a kind. Some of the most startling lyrics to me the first time I heard the album was in the song “Plastic Jungle”, featuring the lines “I was choked by the jailor, and fucked the gorilla”. I had to rewind and re-listen about 30 times before I eventually accepted the absurdity of these words. All of their songs are sprinkled with great, often confusing lyrics, but they only entice me to want to listen further.

Many of Miike Snow’s songs have an outstanding number of remixes, especially “Animal”, “Silvia”, and “Black and Blue”. If there was ever a doubt in your mind that you didn’t like one of the songs, you’re sure to end up stumbling upon a remix you like. Or, if you love a song so much and are afraid to get sick of it, fear not: the remixes are bound to keep you satisfied for months on end.

Miike Snow’s music is unpredictable, brilliant, and downright catchy. The only issue I have with Miike Snow is I’m constantly referring to the band as a “he”. Don’t let the word “Miike” confuse you! This is certainly a band in which all members deserve equal credit for their ingenuity. Give them a listen or be forced to live with the regret of never having one of the best bands in electropop overcome your ears!

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