A half portion of french toast from Sam's Cafe. Photo by Jasmine Lee.

Best Diner for Diner Snobs

Sam’s Cafe has the best French toast in town. Hands down. I ordered a half portion of the French toast and I was served a giant pancake of a French toast, golden brown and cinnamon-y, no syrup necessary. And it’s not just their French toast — it’s legitimately every single thing on their menu. Their biscuits and gravy is this gloriously large plate of chewy biscuits and brown gravy that tastes gorgeously of bacon grease. Their pancakes are incredibly thin and dissolve-in-your-mouth and just on the right side of salty. Sam’s Cafe is a great place to drag all of your friends to and brag “I HAVE FOUND THE BEST DINER IN CHAMPAIGN-URBANA!”

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