DISCLAIMER: Any opinions expressed in this review are heavily influenced by me spending the entire time at this concert itching to get home and listen to the new My Bloody Valentine record that was released that evening (which was spectacular, by the way.)

The last time local goofy-core act I Am God played Mike ‘N’ Molly’s, turnout was rather abysmal. Frontman Adam Barnett estimated about six times the amount of people were there for their set versus the last one. I would say that there were even more. The band has a dedicated local fanbase, and always knows how to make the crowd laugh. Whether it’s the between-show banter, Barnett’s shameless shirt removal or the mandolin-infused cover of Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” that closed out their set.

That’s No Moon were the second openers, and really no other local band could have been more perfect to open up for So Many Dynamos. Everything down to the nerdy, dark-rimmed-glasses aesthetic, the synth and the high-pitched male vocals made these two bands an excellent pair. They also kept it exciting with stage presence. Guitarist and vocalist Hayden Cler brought energy to the performance. You could tell these guys were really having a good time.

Then came what felt like an eternity of a wait as So Many Dynamos set up a maze of synths, various percussion instruments, microphones and guitars. They brought three fellow members of the music scene in St. Louis to perform with them, and everyone had to sound check, so they ended up taking about 20 more minutes than they were allotted to set up.

Of course the wait only had me more anxious for MBV, and the fact that it was being played as the house music only made me want to get home and properly listen to it.

Luckily, once the headliners started playing, time past much more quickly. Not only did the band bring extra performers, they also seemed to have brought a good amount of fans from their hometown who danced the whole night.  Feeling tired and borderline sleepy, and longing for the shoegazy bliss that is m b v, I was amazed by the energy this band brought forth.

And it was well-rehearsed energy too. When I spoke to Aaron Stovall about his band, he mentioned that they were playing their tenth anniversary show the night before, and were practicing playing older songs as well as some new material. Every song, regardless of where it fell in So Many Dynamos’ catalogue, was played with great precision, considering the variety of instruments and voices, each one of which made a different noise. Even their cover of “Burning Down The House” was spot on, but had the band’s own percussion-oriented, dancy spin on it.

After their final song, “New Bones,” the now-sweaty band tried to leave the stage but it wasn’t long until they were cheered back on for an encore. With that same persistent energy they brought back some older, more punky tunes and closing out the night with “Search Party,” a speak-singing rager of a song that ensured everyone there that this band has ten more years in them – at least!

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