Ingredients for fish tacos. Illustrated by YooJin Hong.

Fish sticks (sometimes known as fish fingers) are a frozen commodity that are either loved immensely or hated with a passion. Processed whitefish make up the funky interior, while the exterior is covered in breadcrumbs. These rectangles of joy first emerged on the food scene back in 1929 alongside the introduction of Clarence Birdseye’s plate froster. In order to be utilized effectively, food needed to be cut in a specfic rectangle shape. While fish sticks alone are not particularly filling or ideal as a full meal, there are innovative ways to hammy them up into something gourmet and unrecognizable!

Behold, the ever-wondrous fish stick taco, a fast and easy dinner solution for even the busiest of bees.

What You’ll Need

» 1 Avocado
» 1 Box Gorton’s Fish Sticks
» Shredded Cheese
» Cut Spinach or Lettuce
» 1 Box Hard Shell Tacos or 1 Pack Soft Shell Tacos

1. Cook the fish sticks according to the instructions listed on the back of the package. Do not microwave the fish sticks, as it will make them soggy and your fish stick tacos will suffer from this. In the meantime, slice the avocado vertically in half around the pit. Then slice it into long pieces and remove the skin. You can salt or pepper your avocado slices for added flavor. A touch of celery salt on avocado is quite lovely! Set the avocado slices aside.

2. Take your hard shell taco and line the bottom with shredded cheese. This way, the cheese will get melty and gooey when you transfer the hot fish sticks from the oven into the taco shell.

3. Check on your fish sticks. Make sure they have cooked thoroughly (or to your liking). You want them to be kind of crispy, but not overcooked to a point where they’re too hard to eat. Put three fish sticks in each taco shell almost immediately after removing them from the oven. Don’t burn your fingers!

4. After you have put the fish sticks into the taco shell, put two (or more or less; it’s up to you) avocado slices in the shell as well. We recommend putting them on the sides of the shell, lining up next to the fish sticks. You can, however, simply put them on top of the fish sticks. Next, throw your cut spinach or shredded lettuce on top. If you’re not a fan of hard shell tacos, you can substitute the hard shell for a soft shell tortilla, and essentially follow the same steps.

5. Fish stick tacos are simple and easy to make, and rather delicious! If you’re low on funds or if you don’t have enough time to make a full course dinner, this is an excellent option to look into. Pair the tacos with a tasty margarita (you can buy ready-made Jose Cuervo Margarita mix; all you need to do is pop it in the blender with some ice) if it suits your fancy. Chips and salsa might be a fun thing to have on hand as well.

Happy eating!

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