Dear Maggie,
My boyfriend is obsessed with Star Wars…a little too obsessed. He quotes the characters constantly, has memorabilia all over his apartment and even likes to role-play Star Wars scenes. It’s really dorky and embarrassing. Should I break up with him?
–Weary of Wookiees

Dear Weary of Wookiees,
First of all, Star Wars is pretty cool. Secondly, take a moment to examine your own annoying obsessions before you dump the relationship. Do you know every move to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” dance? Do you spend hours watching kitten videos on YouTube? Are you obsessed with the HBO show Girls? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you also have an annoying trait which your boyfriend stoically endures. Since you are not perfect, you should not expect your boyfriend to be. You don’t have to go as far as wearing a Princess Leia bikini, but try to compromise for the sake of the Galactic Republic.

Dear Maggie,
I’m in love with my best friend’s girlfriend. I can’t tell anyone about it. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t study. Please help.
–Upset in Urbana

Dear Upset in Urbana,
Please calm down. Take a deep breath, listen to “Jessie’s Girl” and you’ll have all the answers you need. Good luck.

Dear Maggie,
I’m a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism, and I’m freaking out about getting a summer internship this year. I have a cover letter and resume ready, but my cover letter could use a bit more spice. I’m worried that if I don’t get an internship this summer, I will be behind. Time is flying by, and I’m stressed. What do you suggest I do?
–Stuck in Greg Hall

Dear Stuck in Greg Hall,
Surprisingly, trying too hard may actually hinder your potential to acquire an internship. Most employers don’t want spice. They don’t care what your spirit animal is. They don’t want to know your favorite adjectives or the obscure brand of beer you prefer. Try to avoid the overeager clichés and exaggerations. Employers can smell bullshit from a mile away, so being too effusive (i.e. “I love customer service!”) is a big turnoff. My advice: Be professional, tailor your cover letter to the position you’re applying to and most importantly, apply for a lot of positions. Let your experience and natural passion show instead of relying on gimmicks.

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