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Books are not dead; far from it, actually. And this column aims to prove just that. College does not leave a lot of time for reading, let alone reading that is actually required for class. Really, college is just like Hermione Granger’s bag that seems to cram in everything. Lucky for you, this column is pretty simple. All you need is a mug of coffee, some books, and a little bit of time to read what I write, even if that’s just when you pull out your phone while sitting on the porcelain throne in the bathroom.
My goal? To review books and promote classics and newbies that college students should take the time to read. So, here we go.
Demetri Martin is a god in comedy. Charts aren’t so fun in textbooks, but he makes them hilarious. Take dry humor and mix it with a guy who will always look like he’s in his 20s, and you’ve got Martin.
And really, you can have Martin. If you just read “This is a Book.” The title sums it up. It’s a book. It’s quick and short. And you’re going to laugh all the way through it. Really, you could read the entire thing in one sitting, such as during a long, boring drive from Champaign-Urbana to Northern Illinois.
Need more convincing? Then take one of my favorite jokes from the book. The only thing drawn on the page is the capitalized letter A. No, this is not a Dr. Suess book. This is, essentially, a joke book. The A is drawn, and there is an arrow that points to the triangle in the center of the A. It’s labeled “a real a-hole.”
To the dry humorists in the world, that is hilarious. To those who have no idea what I just described, well, it will come to you. You’ll realize it later when you’re sitting in class, write the letter “a,” and then you will laugh out loud. Right after class, you’ll search for Demetri Martin on YouTube and proceed to a bookstore to buy his book. I’ll just say this ahead of time, you’re welcome.
The thing that makes Martin a great read during the college years is that it’s fast to read. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. After a long day of classes and eating fast food and then going to the gym to work off that fast food, a smile and a laugh is all you need.
Martin has charts, drawings, short stories, you name it. They make you think. They make you laugh. They go quick.
And the best thing about reading Martin’s book? Although his short-lived cable-television show is over, you can keep on laughing with this book forever.

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