Fancy apartments.

Fancy apartments.

Well, I went shopping today. Not just shopping, mind you, but apartment shopping. Not just any apartments, but apartments by the grove. Just say it—say groOOOove. Now say it in a British accent. See?! I don’t even know what/where “the grove” is, but doesn’t it sound classy? I have officially evolved from an awkward, accidental-damage-causing freshman to a sophisticated adult. Today marks the day where I trade in my Arizona tea and H&M jacket for a San Pellegrino and a couple of Chanel bags. Or something like that. Anyway, looking at apartments was a cool first experience. This is kinda how it went:

Girl giving the tour: “So this is the bathroom and the kitchen”

Me: “yeah kewl”

Girl: “Do you have any questions?”

Me: “wat”

Girl: “$19303019230 a month”

Me: “k wat does that mean do you want me to sign somewhere”

Girl: “Watch out—you’re about to walk into the wall”

Me: “do you need my passport for this”

Girl: “Goodbye.”

Pretty solid, I’d say.

Afterwards, I was feelin’ pretty fancy. I went to the Ike for dinner (instead of the mundane dining hall in Allen that I usually go to). I was enjoying some unidentifiable mush  high quality dining hall food and contemplating the past hour. You know, as nice as the idea of having my own place was, staying in a dorm did have its perks. As sick as I was of dining hall food, at least I never have to worry about what I was having for dinner. Despite the fact that my room is slightly larger than a closet, I never have to worry about rent. Plus, social life is basically built into dorms—what if I turned into a complete hermit after living in an apartment?

Suddenly, I heard a kid behind me say, “Yeah, I think I have mono hahaha, isn’t that so funny? Hahaha.” And then, he continued roaming around the place, potentially infecting everything and everyone in sight.

OH HELL NO. NO. NO. NO PEASANT, NO. YOU MAY  NOT GET ME SICK. WHY ARE YOU IN A PUBLIC PLACE GO TAKE SOME MEDS AND STAY. IN. YOUR. OWN. DWELLING. I dumped my plate out and raced out of that godforsaken place.

Yep, that cancelled out any positive aspects of dorming. I long for the day where I don’t have to be surrounded by grimy children. I don’t know about you, but I need to get out of the dorms, and quick. If ya feel what I’m saying, I wish you a happy journey—hopefully it leads you to your future home.

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