This girl is sporting combat boots and high waisted shorts.

This girl is sporting combat boots and high waisted shorts.

Travel back with me for a minute to the early 2000’s. We were just getting over the ’90s midriffs and bell-bottom jeans. Your mom’s mega padded shoulders in her work blazer were still as uncool as your dad’s ugly Christmas sweater.

Fast forward to present day and flip through your favorite magazine or take a stroll through the local mall and what do you see? Apparently “hipster” is more mainstream than ever.

Oversized sweaters, high waisted shorts and jeans, crop tops: Never has my mom’s closet been so in style. And I am certainly not complaining. Vintage is back and here to stay from the looks of it.

This season all you need to do is find the best local thrift shop to stay on trend. Instead of searching for every last penny in your wallet, sift through the racks at Goodwill to find hidden gems.

My fall favorites:

1. Oversized sweater

You can literally make any giant sweater work as long as you pair it with skinny jeans or leggings.

2. Crop sweaters

Yes, this year the crop top has transcended every season even heading into fall. Pair them with mid rise jeans to show off just a little bit of your stomach. (So about that workout plan I’ve been boycotting…)

3. Combat everything

Loved the American flag theme from last summer? Bring back that patriotic spirit by joining the combat trend. From army green jackets, brown lace-up mid-calf boots to camp hats, this season has it all. Just don’t go too crazy and end up in a head-to-toe jumpsuit.

4. Leather

A nice, black leather jacket is a staple everyone should look into purchasing. Now that they are so popular you can find one in almost every price range. (Don’t forget your local thrift shop!)

Remember the key to any look is the confidence with which you wear it. I recommend trying out one statement piece at a time and pairing it with old favorites like skinny jeans or a classic infinity scarf with your oversized sweater. Once you are comfortable wearing your statement piece, try adding layers. Pair some leather-like leggings with a giant sweater or even the crop sweater. You may even want to toss a combat hat into the mix. Brow or grey combat boots have pretty much become a staple for fall, so feel free to pull those on with almost any skinny pant.

Also, try stopping in at a consignment ship before you drop the big bucks at the mall or online. You’ll be surprised what hidden treasure you can uncover, especially considering this year’s style. Don’t be afraid to go a little hipster or mainstream or trendy or whatever they call vintage next. A little old school never hurt anybody. That is of course unless they decide to bring back gauchos. That it’s style disaster no one needs to revisit.

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