Mike N' Molly's, Winner of Best of CU 2013: Best Beer Garden Award. Photo by Diana Diggs

Mike N’ Molly’s, Winner of Best of CU 2013: Best Beer Garden Award. Photo by Diana Diggs

The lovely outdoor atmosphere of a music festival is often paired with such things as mud, obnoxious people and high liquor prices. In CU’s Best Beer Garden, however, these things are not an issue.

Mike ‘N’ Molly’s beer garden is an outdoor area of the bar that, in the warmer months, is graced by some fantastic musical performers. This summer it was host to local math-punks Hank.’s record release show, and in the fall, several Pygmalion Music Festival shows like Potty Mouth and Saturday Looks Good To Me took place there.

In this beer garden, there are tables and chairs to sit on, a fountain, and a wall covered in ivy within which warm summer wind creates beautiful waves. And if there is a show, PBR tallboys are only $2.

It’s also a sort of community hub, especially for music-lovers who can, more often than not, find some good tunes there on any given weekend. Although in the winter, the garden become nothing more than a smoker’s exile, it will always recall fond memories of summers past and anticipation of good times and good music to come.

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